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Programmed FM provides asset management and facilities maintenance services at the Hopkins Correctional Centre (HCC) under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract. Our innovation includes:

  • 55001: Provision of Asset Management to ISO55001 certification level, supported by tri-certified management systems (ISO9001, ISO14001, AS4801)
  • Mobile Solutions: Deliver cost and efficiency savings through a field mobility app to transmit, manage and complete work orders within rectification times
  • Health, Safety and Environment: Improve personal and environmental safety through adopting innovative, effective electrolysed water systems over traditional chemical cleaning solutions.

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The Hopkins Correctional Centre (HCC) is an Australian medium security protection prison for males located in Ararat, Victoria.

Under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), the Aegis Correctional Partnership designed and constructed the prison, which opened in 2012. Since then, Programmed FM as the facilities management partner in the consortium, has provided asset and facilities management services to the 800 bed Prison. In 2014 Programmed FM secured a 25 year contract with HCC.  This service provides asset management deliverables of:

  • Development and maintenance of a detailed asset management plan
  • Ongoing whole of life modelling
  • Reactive, planned and preventative maintenance and project works. 

Programmed FM is also responsible for prisoner labour management which sees many of the services, including soft services, delivered by prisoners.


Programmed FM delivers ISO55001 certified Asset Management service that is supported by additional certified management systems (ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS4801) that forms our Integrated Management System (IMS) approach. Programmed FM’s compliance to these standards is an innovative asset management approach which provide a basis for HCC to realise optimised maintenance of the facility over the life of the contract. HCC benefits from Programmed FM’s Asset Management System that conducts, records and maintains asset condition at the prison as well as develops lifecycle and maintenance plans. This innovative approach Programmed FM has taken to asset management enables HCC to identify asset degradation at key intervals that enables strategic decision making for asset replacement to minimise failure risk and where to stretch asset life to reduce expenditure’

We have been praised for our innovative approach to asset management, with Vicky Rizkalla (Acting General Manager – Department of Justice) lauding our “detailed Asset Management Plans that allow them to maintain the facility and its assets to a high standard”.


Programmed FM’s approach to Asset Management believes in investing in innovative technology and new platforms that provides value to our customers. Our field mobility application (ProMAP) demonstrates this. ProMAP is a data capture and job management front-end application which allows us to send and receive work orders and related asset information directly to and from our tradespersons’ mobile devices in near real-time. Subcontractors can schedule jobs to their technicians via an access controlled portal that provides a list of jobs allocated to the individual subcontractor. ProMAP enables updating of asset condition directly into our Computerised Maintenance Management System (Maximo), and data capture in the Asset Register. Our client benefits from ProMap enabling them to access to real-time information, including the status, performance and work orders. It saves on costs for our clients as this solution delivers to HCC a responsive, systematic and quality controlled solution with accurate and timely invoicing.

ProMAP allows:

  1. Our Help Desk to receive real-time information on service status from across HCC to monitor the progress of repairs and maintenance.
  2. Tradespersons receive, access, update and close out work orders as they are completed (or part completed).
  3. Prompts for the Take 5 safety assessment which must be completed by the tradesperson before commencing work. ProMAP transmits updates progressively back to Maximo as the data is entered.
  4. The Help Desk to contact the tradesperson where an urgent work order is nearing its rectification time out. This allows for intervention to address delays that impact on asset availability and work order completion.

Following work order completion, the required service outcomes (e.g. response times) that been programmed into Maximo is then compared to the actual service quality deliverables and standards of the Contract.

Health, Safety and Environment

Programmed FM’s innovative IMS approach to Asset Management has led to a Zero Harm innovation to Health, Safety and Environment in the installation of an electrolysed water system (eWater). eWater removes the need for cleaning chemicals for the floors, windows, benches and vegetables in the prison kitchen reducing costs of up to $45000 for:

  • Labour and cleaning products
  • Transportation and delivery of the products
  • Removing chemical waste and pollution.

eWater is produced is through electrolysis which applies an electrical charge to a mixture of ordinary tap water and salt which splits the water mixture into positive and negative ions, creating two highly effective and safe solutions on opposing ends of the PH scale (acidic for antimicrobial sanitising and alkaline for cleaning) creation two products:

  • Sanitising Acid Solution – Hypochlorous Acid: The sanitising solution has powerful antibacterial and fungicidal properties and is up to 80 times more effective than chlorine based solutions at killing dangerous bacteria and pathogens such as E.coli and salmonella.  The solution is effective within five seconds of application and can be used in food production and delivery, sanitising surfaces and bathrooms.
  • Cleaning Alkaline Solution – Sodium Hydroxide: The electrolysed cleaning solution is a highly effective detergent and degreaser. It breaks down stubborn oils and biofilms on all surfaces from stainless steel bench tops to kitchen equipment, bathrooms, floors, desks, chairs, digital equipment and telephones.

eWater is safe and non-toxic for humans and for the environment, with no need for personal protective equipment, hazchem signs or safety data sheets.  Though ‘acidic’ the acidity levels are safe for contact with skin, which the additional benefit that it is encouraged for handwashing for the effective hand hygiene in food handling. Users have also found that it does not cause or inflame dermatitis in the way antibacterial hand wash soaps can.

Opinion as to specific contribution made by the nominated organisation

Programmed’s approach to Asset Management provides a real platform for clients to achieve optimisation:

  • ISO55001: Operating in accordance with the ISO 55001 for asset management , integrated with Programmed FM’s IMS drives true asset management optimisation to HCC
  • ProMap: Real-time data capture provides greater efficiency and lower administration through paperless work order management, accelerated data transmission and more effective Help Desk monitoring of performance and rectification.
  • Health Safety and Environment: Risk avoidance through the use of safe solutions over potentially hazardous and harmful chemical cleaning solutions has an additional cost benefit and is a aligned to Programmed FM’s approach to Asset Management

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Summary of the Help Desk Flow

Figure 1 Summary of Help Desk workflow

Figure 2 ProMAP Mobile Works Management Technology

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