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Summary of Monadelphous Asset Management Team

Delivery of long term service contracts is the foundation of the delivery model provided by the Monadelphous Team. Working collaboratively with our customers to ensure optimal plant productivity, integrating with their systems to develop and execute maintenance work. Services include scoping, planning and execution of maintenance activities such as inspections, preventative, corrective maintenance and emergent work.

Our proven maintenance approach is based on high quality predictive reliability analysis to enable good decision making. Our approach includes:

  • Detailed risk analysis
  • Maintenance management plan covering all phases and scopes
  • Sustainable team with Monadelphous and industry experience
  • Process Safety

Demonstration of Organisation Leadership

Demonstration of organisational leadership in creating and maintaining your asset management team

  • How does your leadership team invest and build talent to create an inclusive workplace and diverse asset management team?
  • How do you attract and retain asset management talent?

Across its operations, Monadelphous is committed to attracting a workforce where people of all backgrounds work together. The Company provides a working environment where the unique contribution of its people is equally valued and recognised, and where each employee is inspired to contribute their best in their delivery of the Monadelphous vision. Diversity in the workforce brings a broader range of perspectives and ideas, creating value for customers and shareholders.


Monadelphous presented its 2018/19 Workplace Gender Equality Report, which can be found on the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Monadelphous websites.

In late 2018, the Company formally launched its Gender Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2018-2020, setting out how it will enhance the rate of female participation at Monadelphous.

Key initiatives have been identified in the areas of attraction, education and retention to enable strategic, sustainable and meaningful change. Examples include promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as a career path and education to challenge existing stereotypes that exist within the industries in which the Company operates.

The Plan also details the Company’s ongoing commitment to targets of no greater than 10 per cent attrition of key female talent per annum and an intake of at least 20 per cent female engineers into the Company’s Graduate Development Program.


Monadelphous recognises and respects the traditional owners of the land upon which it operates and considers traditional culture and heritage an important part of its business. Despite the significant and ongoing strategic growth and diversification of the business over the period, pleasingly the Company continued to realise a positive trend in Indigenous engagement. Monadelphous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment rate reached 3.05% in December 2019.

The Company continued to progress its activities outlined in its Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2017- 2020. Through the Company’s ongoing commitment to improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, a dedicated Indigenous procurement strategy has been developed. It outlines the importance Monadelphous places on actively engaging suppliers who express a commitment to developing sustainable relationships with new and existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. Similarly, Monadelphous continues to identify new partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses to enter into preferred supplier agreements and commercial relationships.


Attracting talent through innovation remains a priority and has seen Monadelphous commit to a number of initiatives in 2019 as well as invest in technologies which assist the Company to attract a workforce reflective of its organisational values.

Monadelphous have a track record of delivering Innovation and Continuous Improvement across our operations and are committed to a culture that fosters the development of innovative solutions and delivery of continuous improvement that benefit both that of our business and our Customers.

The launch of our Gender Diversity and Inclusion Plan and Stretched Reconciliation Action Plan in 2019 generated a renewed focus on innovative ways we could increase diversity across our organisation in line with the targets set down by these Plans.

CULTURAL IMMERSION PROGRAM  Monadelphous leaders participated in a cultural immersion program in 2019 on culturally significant country near Beverley in WA, guided by traditional owners of the land. Participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture, viewing historical sites and participating in open and honest conversations about perceptions and challenges. Activities were broken down into key themes of history, cultural competency, perception biases and how leaders may apply these learnings to both the workplace and their personal lives.
GENDER DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION COMMITTEE  The release of our GD&I plan coincided with the formation of a GD&I Committee to act as the governing body of decision-makers and fundamental influencers, responsible for raising awareness of our commitments to enhancing female participation. The Committee meets four times annually to discuss commitments made in the GD&I plan, measure how we are tracking against our commitments, and evaluating means of continuous improvement of objectives and employees’ awareness and ownership of those commitments. 
EMPLOYEE PARITY INITIATIVE  The Company’s success in diversity was highlighted in 2019 through inclusion in the Federal Government’s Employment Parity Initiative aimed at increasing the participation of Indigenous employees in Australian businesses. As a signatory, Monadelphous have committed to employing 60 new Indigenous employees in the first 12 months with a stretch target of 200 over the next 4 years.  Funding is received for successful outcomes that will be used to train, develop and retain Indigenous employees. Responsibilities relating to the reporting and communications have to be accepted and specific employment outcomes achieved. We’re super proud to have achieved our stretch goal of more than 3% Indigenous employment in August 2019, including 50+ Indigenous jobseekers maintaining employment with Monadelphous for a period of more than six months under the EPI.

A Local Content Action Forum (LCAF) was established in 2019 involving stakeholders from our projects, tendering and pre-contracts, procurement, and local content advisory teams come together bi-monthly to discuss local business participation opportunities. By collaborating in an action-oriented setting, LCAF aims to accelerate progress toward our RAP and local content outcomes.


The first MIBD index of Indigenous businesses, prequalified and active within the Monadelphous ERP was published internally. The MIBD will continue to be published bi-monthly, and used to ensure opportunities are presented to Indigenous companies when sourcing for goods and services.
GRADUATE PROGRAM 2020 INTAKE  The graduate marketplace is highly competitive. Whilst Monadelphous has run a highly successful graduation program for many years, for the 2020 intake, to attract the right graduates for Monadelphous, the digital campaign was specifically targeted at our graduate audience, with an extra push for female and indigenous engagement.
2020 APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM  Our Marketing and Recruitment teams are working with Operations on a campaign to attract apprentices to our business. The campaign, launched in October 2019, focuses on attracting a broad range of applicants, in particular female, Indigenous and local (Newman and Karratha-based) applicants.
IMPROVED RECRUITMENT SYSTEM  Project Mila, the Ngoongar term for ‘future time’, delivered a business case to support implementation of a scalable recruitment and talent management solution, with the aim of enhancing Monadelphous’ labour responsiveness. Project Mila will provide improved ability to source, select and appoint candidates and reduce delivery timeframes through targeted search, effective reporting and automation. The solution will provide a better line-of-sight to internal talent, for improved people deployment and development. Augmented Writing Tool Textio was implemented in late 2018 and is currently being used on attraction materials (Adverts, Social Media) to ensure gender-neutrality. In 2019, over 250 documents were written in Textio.
GIRLS IN ENGINEERING  For the second year Monadelphous have entered a strategic partnership with University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Girls in Engineering program. High school girls are provided an opportunity to learn more about engineering ahead of selecting tertiary study. Our employees volunteered their time to facilitate STEM immersive activities at WA high schools in conjunction with UWA and other industry personnel. In 2019, Monadelphous facilitated 12 in-school and on-campus activities and participated in the CME Inspiring Girls Forum, offering roles within our industries from trades through to professional as desirable pathways.
CULTURAL FACTS  This year, National Reconciliation Week was celebrated by taking employees on a journey through some milestones of ATSI culture, sharing interesting facts about both cultures, what NRW is about and commitments in our RAP. Activities included our Perth & Brisbane offices having these facts applied to our office floors, creating a journey of understanding throughout the building. A useful list of cultural facts was compiled from NRW and NAIDOC Week websites. A cultural quiz was made available for group discussion.
STEM SUPPORTMonadelphous have built relationships with Universities and TAFEs and supports a number of STEM programs. Our recruiters, Graduates and Marketing teams attend various career and open days:


Curtin University, WA
·   Women in Engineering Curtin Division (WiECD)
·   Women in Mining & Resources (WIMAR)
·   Curtin Engineers Club
·   Kaaditjin Day (Knowledge Day) & Future Footprints jobs Expo

University of Western Australia
·   UWA Young Engineers
·   OceanWorks
·   Women in Engineering
·   Indigenous Careers Open Day

Murdoch University, WA
·   Indigenous Careers Open Day
·   Murdoch Kulbardi Centre

North Metropolitan TAFE
·   Koolark Student Support Centre for Aboriginal students

·   GEMS – Geography and Environmental Management
·   SKIRTS – Skirts in Engineering

SUPPORTING NURSING MOTHERS RETURN TO WORK  Wellness rooms have been established in our Perth and Brisbane offices. Fitted out to create a calm space with neutral décor and comfortable furnishings, as well as being available for first aid treatment of physical or mental illness and injury, when available, the rooms can be reserved as a private space for other appropriate uses including nursing mothers returning to work after maternity leave to use as a private space to express.  The introduction of these rooms has made it possible for our new Mums to return to work at their convenience.
Monadelphous and BHP were delighted to partner in hosting the Women in Trades WIMWA Networking Event in August 2019, joining forces to promote impediments of attracting and retaining women in trade roles thought provoking research by Bonita Carroll, UWA. People from across our diverse industry were invited to hear recommendations from Bonita’s Pilbara-based research, and discuss what can be done to improve gender diversity in trade roles.

We had the opportunity to showcase the diverse career opportunities in the resources industry in October 2019 with 450 women at the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) Empower your Career – Women’s Summit. The event encouraged women who were new to the industry, looking to return to work after a career break, or an industry professional looking to understand what opportunities were available to come along and speak with FMG and its contractors. Resume writing, transferable skills and other workshops were also available.

Benefits of Diversity

Diversity Benefits:

  • How has the diverse team had a positive impact on the organisation stakeholders and it’s contribution to the community?

Monadelphous has a longstanding commitment to workforce diversity, formalised through our Diversity Policy.

We believe we are stronger when we draw from diverse cultures, perspectives, experiences and skills and recognise our strong, values-driven organizational culture is built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity in thought and practice allows us to deliver high quality services to our clients, and develop unique and creative solutions. We can all benefit from including more diverse opinion in our conversations

This launch of our Gender Diversity and Inclusion plan marks the first formalised strategy to improve our workplaces for the women who exist in our business currently, and to help encourage women to pursue a career in our diverse industries through commitments ranging from internal practices through to community engagement activities.

What makes us uniquely Monadelphous is our culture, driven by our values, which reinforces our commitment to diversity.

General Comments

Monadelphous are a silver member of the Asset Management Council.  In addition to our Corporate Representative Doctor Carla Boehl, ten of our employees hold membership with AMC. Monadelphous support the AMC Women in Asset Management group and its objectives.  Across our operations, Monadelphous is committed to attracting a workforce where people of all backgrounds work as an inclusive team.

Together with our team, we achieved some great milestones throughout 2019, which we can all be proud of. Our level of involvement and willingness to have tougher conversations in 2019 sets us up for bigger and better things throughout 2020.

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