Powerlink Queensland & Aginic – Development of Portfolio Risk Systems –Stage 1

Project Summary:

This project developed a software package using Alteryx tool to extract data from Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and to hold calculation logic with results and data displayed in a number of Tableu dashboards. 

The tool is developed to calculate and monitor risks associated with condition of the existing electricity transmission assets. In addition, it is used to develop, update and document 10 yearly Asset Management Plan (AMP).

In order to achieve its use for AMP, it provides high level forecast of the condition and risks in the future and therefore is used as a basis for long term budget and resource planning.

Description of project or framework addressing the assessment criteria:

This tool calculates and displays different type of risks (operational, financial, legal, safety and environmental predominantly) associated with the condition of electricity transmission assets and equipment and enables their grouping and summary on per project basis.  The risk information is one of the crucial inputs for prioritisation of the projects within project portfolio.  

In addition the tool enables visibility of the asset condition related risks geographically as well as in table format and this can and is used for risk based project staging

To enable the calculation, the reinvestment indices had to be developed as a part of this project. Whilst the concept of using health indices to differentiate quickly between equipment in good and poor condition, the concept of reinvestment index is innovative approach.  It takes into account the legislative requirements as well as being focused on financial asset rather than just equipment. 

This project and the follow up projects shall enable Powerlink to replace only the equipment that has high risks and therefore contributes to the reduction of electricity prices for all customers in Queensland.  All the efforts put in this project are aligned with commitments listed in the Energy Charter and are proof of electricity customers being heard.  

By including operational risks calculation as well as legislative requirements, we are ensuring that only assets that are required are replaced, which is also a feedback provides by our customers.

Using this tool, Powerlink is moving to risk based reinvestment approach following rather successful implementation of risk based approach to maintenance by applying Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) since 2000.    

Programme and Project Management

The project included use of Jira tool for tasks generation, project management and progress monitoring.  It was well managed by Aginic project management team.

The project is planned for implementation in the stages and further upgrades are planned and will be implemented when resources are available.  

The ongoing support for the tool has been provided by Aginic for a short period but one of the existing internal Powerlink resources have been trained and are now fully supporting it, making it self-sustainable form the business perspective. 

Using local based contractor (Aginic) to assist with development of this tool enables easier continuous improvement of the tool. 

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