Build-Apps – PERCIEE knows how to network for ISC

  1. Summary of the project, product framework

    PERCIEE – (Product Evaluator for Resources Costs Impacts Embodied Emissions) loves to network and is working with the industry to bridge the data gap on products and materials. Most notable is BuildApps’ collaboration with Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) to deliver their materials calculator. This is an industry calculator that will be available to their members and enable clients to access detail on the embodied impact of materials associated with Infrastructure construction and refurbishment. ISC is now able to control, own and govern their own data and have insights into the data.

  2. Description of project or framework addressing the assessment criteria

    PERCIEE is one of Build-Apps ADAMM&Co asset centric business applications suite to optimise the resilience, performance and resource efficiency of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Portfolios. PERCIEE evaluates the life cycle of products and materials that are used in buildings. He can roll-up product and materials information in both new and existing buildings through a deep link with ADAMM’s asset registers. PERCIEE stores EPD (Environmental Product Disclosure), RPS (Responsible
    Producer Scheme), MRRP (Manufacturer Recommend Retail Pricing), VOC (Volatile Organic Compound declaration), HPD (Material Health Product Declaration), PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and much more. PERCIEE is helping organizations such ISC to manage asset data to evaluate the product declaration including Environmental Product Data.

    Previous Challenges for ISC

    In the past, ISC were receiving a large number of separate excel work sheets for every project from consultants. There were complexities that came with redundant information, the inability of simultaneous updating of data and the challenges with Manufacturers being able to add the most up to date versions of their data. One critical issue was around the security of the information, which meant that there were no restrictions in place for who was creating and editing the reference data with the ability to unlock and manipulate data.

    Solution provided for ISC

    As part of the ISC’s digitalization project, Build-Apps worked with ISC to develop a materials calculator which created improvement opportunities to have real time data available to multiple users and in return ensuring that updating this information was made easier and quicker whilst unlocking the ability to provide insights and rollups to the industry.

    The Materials Calculator user interface was developed by Build-Apps’ using ADAMM&Co. which is built on Microsoft architecture as its foundation. This means ISC were able to accelerate their delivery of the tool but also have complete data authority and ability to customize in-house. With the app being stored and accessible on ISC’s own Microsoft 365 environment, ISC is able to control, own and govern their own data and have insights into the data. ISC have the ability to make changes to tables, columns, and even record levels without having to engage a traditional SaaS provider. Build-Apps will continue to work with ISC on request for customization to ISC as required; however we have worked with ISC closely in Proof of Concept (POC) and Model Driven App sprints which has enabled an agile approach to the development of this tool with ISC. What this has meant for ISC’s end users such a Sustainability consultants & Manufacturers is that the value of their membership to ISC has increased exponentially as they are able to minimize the previously repetitive nature of providing and completing the materials calculator.

  3. Opinion as to specific contribution made by the nominated individual/team/organization

    Patrick Hastings the Chief Delivery Officer at ISC is a big advocate for the work that Build-Apps have done with ISC and supports our submission for the Innovation Award to AMPEAK.

  4. Photos

Figure 1.1
Shows the PowerBI Dashboard for the Materials Impact Analysis for ISC, displaying information such as Materials Impact, Breakdown by
Materials, Enviro Points associated as well as tracking against base values.

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