Sydney Metro – Innovation through Technical Excellence (TechEx) Program

Every day at Sydney Metro, we design, create, engineer, and contribute to the building of places, infrastructure, precincts, and services for communities. Simply, we help create the future. At Sydney Metro, we incubate new ideas to identify, nurture and develop areas for innovation, technical excellence and product uplift that sets our future best practice and deliver enduring value.

“This is a program I’m incredibly excited about; it encourages innovative thinking and collaboration and supports our people in bringing their innovative ideas to life”,

Sydney Metro Chief Executive – Peter Regan

Sydney Metro’s definition of innovations is “A measurable improvement in the way we do asset management which creates value for Sydney Metro and customers.” Sydney Metro promotes innovation, creativity, and imagineering through a Technical Excellence (TechEx) program to reduce cost in design, construction, operation, and maintenance for more cost-effective customer and community outcomes.

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